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5 Ways to Use Elleffe Design

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Use Elleffe any way you want.

It's easy to incorporate Elleffe Design products into your life because they are designed to fit the way you live.  If there was one thing that sets Elleffe Design apart from the rest of the home décor industry, it’s the fact that Elleffe pieces are some of the most versatile. The products have many uses, and don’t need to be restricted to your kitchen table or counter-tops!  Here are 5 categories of products and just a couple of ways of using them.


Serving Tray

Elleffe offers a variety of different serving trays. They range from the bubble serving trays, to the Ypsilon with the Lace like design of the Mosaico tray. You can serve your guests a variety of finger foods or hors d’oeuvres on a number of stylish trays, but they don’t have to be simply food trays. You can use it as a service tray for a coffee service, tea service, breakfast in bed, a coffee table tray, a coffee table book display, vanity tray or even magazines. Elleffe Products are decorative and functional and most importantly food safe and non-corrosive so you can be confident to use it in any way you imagination leads you to.


use as food service tray or serving tray


Fruit Bowl

A fruit bowl doesn’t have to hold only a variety of fruit. You can use it to serve bread and rolls, hold candy and nuts, a mix of potpourri chips or even a selection of flowers or decorative objects. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Elleffe fruit bowls.


use as a decorative centerpiece or for food service

Cake Stand

When it comes to Elleffe’s selection of cake stands, the different shapes such as round, rectangular and square allow for cakes of different sizes and shapes to be elegantly displayed. But just about any dessert can be displayed on these stands, such as macaroons, cookies, pastries and donuts. You can also make a beautiful display of appetizers and cocktail food, tea sandwiches and more. But why not use cake stands to display small flower pots or little decorations.


use as a cookie and appetizer service or as a wedding cake centerpiece with cake in some tiers and flowers in other


Candle Holders

Elleffe’s candle holders come in a variety of sizes and heights, including the three or five flame candelabra.  One of the most imaginative uses is to use these pieces to display roses or any other flowers. You have to use buds or short stems to be able to display one or several in a single holder, this is a great way to draw the eye to these flowers and really make a statement. You can also combine them; use the candle in one and flowers in others. You get the idea be creative and let your imagination free. It’s 18/10 stainless steel after all. You can do as you wish.


use for food service or as a decorative item


Champagne Coasters/Holders

Elleffe Design has a variety of champagne holders and coasters for displaying and keeping your tables condensation free and your bottles at the right temperature.  From single coasters to large buckets that can store multiple bottles on ice, there are a ton of different options. Elleffe Design products are designed to be multi-functional so our bottle coasters are designed to be used as a small bowl for nuts and candies or to hold pillar and round candles. If you’re having a 4th of July get-together, why not use that champagne bowl with ice to display and store your cans of soda. Get rid of that big red plastic tub and change it to something beautiful and elegant!

use as service item or an decorative item

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