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Our top five wedding gift picks for the modern couple

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Picking a wedding gift should be as easy as deciding what to wear at the wedding. Case in point, sometimes it isn’t that easy. However, we want to help you in making those important decisions. Elleffe Design has created a series of pieces that echo the sentiments of a modern newly married couple, eager to start their journey together in life. A wedding gift should last a lifetime and this collection stands as delicate yet enduring, sure to last decades and make an impression on the big day.

Our Top 5 wedding gifts for those who want to be the envy of wedding gifts.

  1. World:Wine/Champagne bottle coaster in 18/10 stainless steel

You know the couple’s favorite wine, and you went ahead and snagged a bottle a few weeks ago. Perfect. But when that bottle is chilled and set on a table, much like a glass of water in a restaurant, condensation kicks in. To help prevent tarnishing the tabletops with stains, why not package that wine bottle with an 18/10 stainless steel coaster! On top of being functional, the coaster works as a great way to display and showcase a wine bottle. 

  1. Candelieri:3-flame or 5-flame candleholder in stainless steel grade 18/10 

During the “honeymoon phase,” which for newly married couples lasts more than just the honeymoon, setting the ambiance for the occasion is very important. For those romantic evening dinners nothing would be more useful than a gorgeous candleholder. This modern take on the candelabra delivers the drama of a traditional candelabra, but stays true to the aesthetic of the times we live in. 

  1. Bubble: Serving Basket in Stainless Steel 18/10 Grade

With a bubble shape design, this playful serving basket is the perfect item to serve bread, rolls and fruit. It will help keep any newlyweds’ countertop stocked with necessities without messing up their modern aesthetic design. The exuberant design will draw anyone’s attention straight to the dinner table and is an essential centerpiece that will be put to constant use day after day

  1. Alzate:Tiered Serving Stand in Stainless Steel 18/10 Grade

This expressive modern tiered serving stand brings the ingenuity and beauty of Italian stainless steel serveware into your home. Available in three or five tier. As a new couple, it’s fun to host parties with other young couples in buffet style. This piece will surely get put to use, making it not only a beautiful, modern piece of art, but a practical one as well. This tiered stand works well when calling attention to certain fruits or h’orderves that are being served and will add height and drama to your setting. An added feature is that this platter tray will never absorb any odor or flavor.

5- Ypsilon: Serving Tray in 18/10 stainless steel

If you are looking for something that has the potential to become infinitely useful for the modern bride and groom to be, then the Ypsilon serving tray is the ideal multi-functional piece for any new couple. This unique take on your regular serving tray is sure to catch a few eyes. As elegant as it is expressive, its unique shape makes it a unique piece to use and display. 


For more wedding gift idea please visit our site for our full gifting line and happy shopping! 

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