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Alzate collection the tiered serving stands your event needs.

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Alzate line from Elleffe Design is a collection of modern designer tiered serving stands designed to beautifully display your culinary creations with graceful clean lines without taking the attention away.  The tiered serving stands can be used as a decorative centerpiece to serve fruit, special occasion cakes, wedding cakes, appetizers, cheese service, pastries and more. Made of mirror finish 18/10 stainless steel the tiered serving stands from Elleffe Design are made to be used by hospitality industry, event planners, caterers as well as for home entertainers. All tiered serving stands are 100% made in Italy by our skilled craftsmen at the highest quality in our family owned and operated factory in outskirts of Milan, Italy.

Alzate collection includes platters, bowls from single tier to multi-tier, from vertical stands to horizontal stands, from flat plates or concave plates. Each is designed to serve a specific function or design aesthetic. 

If you are looking for a striking centerpiece for an event, or if you are looking for a functional statement piece browse through the Alzate collection from Elleffe Design. You are sure to to fall in love and find the tiered serving stands you were looking for. 

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