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Centrotavola serving stand a collection of graceful modern serving stands

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Centrotavola is a collection of modern serving stand with graceful simple curves designed to look gorgeous enough to be used as a home decor piece on your counter-top and dinning table as well as to serve up fruit, appetizers, rolls and bread, chocolate, desserts, sweets and cakes in a beautiful dramatic way. 

Elleffe Design's first core belief is that beauty matters, that beauty has an impact in the way we feel as we go through life.  Designing utilitarian objects of beauty is a way of enriching and infusing our daily life with beauty. These dramatic serving stands hold up the content they protect as precious offerings from nature to man on pedestal very gracefully.  The design aesthetic is simple, thoughtful, never overdone. 

Elleffe Design's second core belief is that quality matters, that quality of what we make has an impact in our lives and our surroundings.  Elleffe Design uses highest quality 18/10 Stainless Steel. Manufacturing is done in Italy by experienced craftsmen that take pride in their craft. 

Elleffe Design products are designed and made in the family owned and operated factory about 45 minutes from Milan, Italy; the design center of the world.  Elleffe Design takes great pride in keeping all production in Italy, at a time when most production has been moved to areas of the world with cheaper labor, while trying to keep the once bustling village alive with meaningful work for the craftsmen of the area that have proudly cultivated a specialty unique to the area.


check out the collection in this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FggWwspinok

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