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$150 Newlywed giveaway April 27 - May 15

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Online retailer offers Italian-made serveware giveaway April 27 - May 15

LOS ANGELES (April 20, 2016) – Elleffe Design, the celebrated Italian-made serveware brand, has partnered with its exclusive online retailer platters N bowls. This destination for fine designer serveware will be giving away two exclusive Elleffe Design gifts, perfect for newlyweds. To enter the giveaway, sign up for platter N bowls newsletter between April 27 – May 15 by going to the website and entering at the bottom of the screen. The winners will be chosen at random and announced on May 19.
Elleffe Design (pronounced “el-ef”) is a rapidly growing brand throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The brand partnered with platters N bowls as its first and exclusive online retailer. Elleffe Design items are imported from Italy and include various high quality platters, bowls and home decor made using 18/10 stainless steel to create a gleaming, metallic finish.

“Elleffe Design is a popular brand around the world and we’re excited to bring it to North America and partner with platters N bowls as our first online retailer,” said Rami Izadyar, Brand Director of Elleffe Design North America. “This giveaway serves as a way to help kick-start our partnership and get platters N bowls shoppers excited about our new brand now available on their website.”

Retailed at $150 – a lucky winner will receive an 18/10 stainless steel coaster that presents wine or champagne bottles in an elegant modern way, as well as an 8-inch 18/10 stainless steel cake stand, designed to elevate event presentations to the next level.

platters N bowls now features a selection of Elleffe Design products, available at For more information on Elleffe Design North America visit

About Elleffe Design
Founded in 2011, Elleffe Design creates the perfect fusion of innovation, style and functionality. The fresh and new 18/10 stainless steel manufacturer looks to bring its Italian-made décor to North America. Elleffe Design delivers a modern aesthetic through durable and ecofriendly products manufactured by a co-op of different factories. The dynamic brand is always pushing boundaries of what can be done with different materials, colors and the union of elegance and warmth to stainless steel. Elleffe Design aims to meet the needs of specialty stores, luxury hotels and restaurants. Contact Elleffe Design for more information, visit

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