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Elleffe Design North America Acquires Distribution Rights To Italian-made Brand Elleffe Design

Elleffe Design expands to Feature Stainless Steel Serveware in New Markets

LOS ANGELES (March 29, 2016) – Elleffe Design North America (LFDNA) has acquired exclusive distribution rights to the Elleffe Design Brand for the United States, Canada and Mexico. Elleffe Design, the dynamic brand that is growing quickly throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, is now setting its sights on expansion throughout the North American continent. The brand is known for their distinct aesthetic, pushing the limits past the utilitarian use of home décor.

“Our take on stainless steel differentiates Ellefe Design from other manufacturers,” said Rami Izadyar, Brand Director of Elleffe Design. “In order to elevate the brand, each serveware truly is a work of art. We call this an expressive modern home décor that is warm, organic and artistic.”

After a successful launch at the International Housewares Association Trade Show, vendor inquiries began coming in for the design manufacturer. The use of the newest techniques in the industry combined with steadfast dedication to Italian craftsmanship has been instrumental in Elleffe Design’s fast worldwide growth. The creativity to push the boundaries of what can be done with top quality, 18/10 stainless steel used in the designs allows the brand to differentiate itself from competitors. The brand has utilized unique laser cutting as well as creating their own exclusive FDA approved process in order to vary the color of steel, including gold, bronze, copper and rose.

LFDNA is registered and based in Toronto, Canada with an office in Los Angeles, California. The company has acquired full rights for all distribution channels for the North American Continent, including department stores, e-commerce, big boxes, TV shopping channels and more. Elleffe Design products will be available online and in retailers this spring.

About Elleffe Design
Founded in 2011, Elleffe Design creates the perfect fusion of innovation, style and functionality. The fresh and new stainless steel manufacturer looks to bring its Italian-made décor to North America. The dynamic brand is always pushing boundaries of what can be done with different materials, colors and the union of elegance and warmth to stainless steel. Elleffe Design aims to meet the needs of specialty stores, luxury hotels and restaurants. For more information, visit

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Elleffe Design 

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