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A luxury boutique home accent brand

Elleffe Design a modern brand for modern times. 

Elleffe Design is an Italian manufacturer of modern luxury 18/10 stainless steel home decor, giftware and serveware for retail and hospitality markets.  The factory is located in a picturesque village minutes from Milan, Italy.  The village is well known for its historical specialization in manufacturing of fine housewares in various materials but specially 18/10 stainless steel. 

Elleffe Design's family owned and operated factory has a long history of manufacturing in 18/10 stainless steel. About five years ago after decades of manufacturing for most major brands, their love of the craft and design gave birth to this modern home grown brand, Elleffe Design.  In this short amount of time Elleffe Design has been able to manage a good international penetration in Asia, Europe and Middle East and now Elleffe Design is looking forward to serve the needs of the households, hospitality, interior design and event planners in United States, Canada and Mexico.

Elleffe Design is a modern young brand with a mission to create a union between innovation, style and functionality in a way that creates a unique authentic voice in design while incorporating today's value system of eco-consciousness. We aim to always push the boundaries of what can be done with this modern day material of choice--stainless steel. Mix use of material, innovative use of color and new manufacturing techniques are used to bring warmth to stainless steel, a modern material that has been seen up to now as cold and industrial. Elleffe Design has once and for all changed this paradigm with designs that are organic, artisanal and modern at once.

Elleffe Design has been serving the luxury hospitality industry, cruise ships, and event planners with unique decor and serveware products that are function driven in design yet beautiful with an expressive modern aesthetic around the world. The categories include home decor such as vases, mirrors, clocks, candle holders, lighting and serveware pieces like platters, bowls, tiered stands and trays.

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